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Overview The ARRI ALEXA 35 has arrived at MN Studios, the new 4K Super 35 camera that takes digital cinematography to unprecedented levels. The ALEXA 35 is the smallest, full-featured ARRI production camera ever It also packs the features and processing power of a larger ALEXA into a mini-sized body that can record native 4K at up to 120 fps. Efficiency …

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ARRI HI-5 – Hand Unit

Overview The new ARRI HI-5 is the most sophisticated hand unit in the market, providing reliable wireless camera and multi axis lens control. Weatherproof and solidly built, it features an exceptional radio link range and unique, swappable radio modules for different territories and shooting challenges. HI-PERFORMANCE Multi-axis lens control Powerful radio signal cuts through interference …

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Scubacam Splashbags For Arri & Red Cameras The Scubacam range of splash bags are completely watertight flexible lightweight camera housings for digital film cameras. They are designed to operate just above or just below the surface of water (4ms depth) or in an environment which is extremely dusty or dirty, and give the camera both …


Alexa Mini LF


Combining the compact size and light weight of the popular ALEXA Mini with the large-format ALEXA LF sensor, ALEXA Mini LF brings exciting new creative possibilities to ARRI’s large-format camera systemARRI’s large-format camera systemThe LF camera system consists of the high-speed ALEXA LF and ALEXA Mini LF cameras, ARRI Signature Prime lenses, LPL lens mount, …


Light sources

HMI HMI SERIES M ARRI 18/12 Arrimax ARRI 9/6 M90 ARRI 4/2.5 M40 ARRI M18 ARRI M8 HMI FRESNEL ARRI 18 kw Fresnel ARRI 12 kw Fresnel ARRI 6 kw Fresnel ARRI 4 Kw Fresnel ARRI 2.5 kw Fresnel ARRI 1.2 kw Fresnel ARRI 575 w Fresnel Dedolight 400w ARRI 200w Fresnel HMI PAR ARRI …

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Ewamarine U-BXP 100 Splashbag Scubacam for: Arri (Alexas/Amira/MINI) RED (Epic/Scarlet/Dragon/Weapon/Monstro) Intercom for Scuba Cam


HEADS Ronford F7 O´connor 515 Fluid head (with tripod) O´connor 2560 Fluid Head O´Connor 2575 Fluid Head Sachtler 20 (Fluid Head + Tripod) Sachtler 25 (Fluid Head + Tripod) Wobbler Head U-Flycam Tango Head Tilt Variable Plate HANDLES SYSTEMS Vocas Hand Held System Arri UBS-2 Handgrip Set on/off RS 3-pin TRIPODS & SADDLES Ronford Heavy …

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ARRI Follow Focus IV ARRI WCU-4 (wireless remote focus) ARRI HI5 – Hand Unit Cinetape Rain deflector SPRAYOFF Mini 6.6×6.6 Pan Bar Zoom Control ARRI Follow Focus V ARRI UDM system Director´s ViewFinder, Súper 35, PL Mount Rain deflector SPRAYOFF Micro 4×5,65 Rain deflector SPRAYOFF Mini 6.6×6.6


ARRI MMB1 4×5,65 Clip On / Mattebox ARRI MB20 4×5,65 Mattebox (3 stages) ARRI LMB6 6×6 Clip On Diopter Tray 4×5,65 ARRI LMB25 4×5,65 Clip On (3 stages) ARRI LMB (4×5,65 ) 4×5 Clip On/Mattebox (3 stages) ARRI MB14 6×6 Mattebox