ARRI HI-5 – Hand Unit


The new ARRI HI-5 is the most sophisticated hand unit in the market, providing reliable wireless camera and multi axis lens control. Weatherproof and solidly built, it features an exceptional radio link range and unique, swappable radio modules for different territories and shooting challenges.


ARRI HI-5 Rental Mallorca MN STUDIOS

Multi-axis lens control

Powerful radio signal cuts through interference

Up to 100 virtual radio channels

Split-second reconnection time

High-contrast display


ARRI HI-5 Rental Mallorca MN STUDIOS

Swappable radio modules for different regions/situations

Three user buttons for personalized functions

Full camera control (including third-party cameras)

Focus knob adjustable to operator preferences


ARRI HI-5 Rental Mallorca MN STUDIOS

Fast and efficient new ECS ecosystem

Smart pre-marked focus rings detected automatically

Integrated NATO rail and multiple mounting points

ECS Sync App: easy software updates and lens file management

Customizable touchscreen user interface


ARRI HI-5 Rental Mallorca MN STUDIOS

Best rain, temperature, and dust protection on the market 

Exceptionally strong materials and build quality

Intelligent, high-capacity batteries 

A tool that can be trusted for heavy use over many years


ARRI HI-5 Rental Mallorca MN STUDIOS

Hot-swap battery technology

Modular hardware and upgradeable software 

Non-visual alerts via vibrating haptic feedback

Adaptable to future standards and networks

HI-5 Ecosystem

ARRI HI-5 Rental Mallorca MN STUDIOS


RF-EMIP, RF-2400, RF-900

Three interchangeable radio modules, each suitable for different frequency regulations and shooting situations.


Radio Interface Adapter RIA‑1

Works as a motor controller that supports ARRI radio modules and can function as either a receiver or transmitter.

ECS Sync App

This iOS app enables file sharing, news and software updates, and answers FAQs about the ECS ecosystem.

Smart Focus Rings

Speed up your workflow with our large selection of pre-marked focus rings, featuring electronic ring detection.

Li-ion Battery Pack

ARRI’s high-capacity Li-ion Battery Pack allows a precise readout of remaining battery capacity to be displayed on the Hi‑5 screen.

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ARRI HI-5 Rental Mallorca MN STUDIOS

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