Mallorca is the ideal location for underwater filming. With the Scubacam offered by MN Studios you will get the best shots and the most out of our stunning Mediterranean setting.

Scubacam Splashbags For Arri & Red Cameras

The Scubacam range of splash bags are completely watertight flexible lightweight camera housings for digital film cameras. They are designed to operate just above or just below the surface of water (4ms depth) or in an environment which is extremely dusty or dirty, and give the camera both water and dirt protection, whilst allowing the camera operator access to all the camera and lens functions.
The splash bag is made from high quality material that is moulded to fit snugly around the camera and lens.
The units are sealed with specialized watertight zips. All metal parts are either stainless steel or anodised aluminium.


Housing: Durable lightweight material, clear side panels to view all camera, lens and magazine functions, full camera and lens control, external start/stop handle, tripod mountable.

Zip: Zips Zip conforms to the M.o.D. Interim Defence Standard 53-100/1 for sealed zip fasteners.

Dimensions: LxHxW: 70 x 35 x 28 cm

Weight In Air :6.5 kg (without camera)

Operating Temperature: -4 degrees C. to +40 degrees C.

Front Port Spec: 6 mm. clear, recubierta con un polímero antiadherente de 163 x 133mm

20ms De Cable Externo: 6mm. Optical flat, coated with a non-stick polymer 163 x 133mm

Leak Alarm: 9 volt tone generator max. output 95db

Maximum Depth Up to a MAXIMUM of 4 meters

Lens Information: Maximum wide angle is 14 mm (spherical)

Underwater Monitoring: 6” underwater HD monitor

Cradle Carrying Handle (Screws Into The Base Plate): The square frame allows the operator greater control over the unit when diving. It also provides a solid attachment for lights or other accessories.

Options Available: 20 kg diving weight / Surface video supply / LCS / RCU / WCU-4


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Scubacam underwater housing compatible with all ARRI & RED cameras.

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