Kowa Evolution Anamorphic LENSES


The EVOLUTION 2X by P+S TECHINK are built on the success of the legendary and nowadays rare frontanamorphic Kowas. The original set consists of 4 focal lengths: 40, 50, 75, 100 mm, now available for rent at MN Studios.

The lenses are the smallest, most compact cine anamorphics on the market today performing magnificently on S35 cameras and from the 75mm on up to Full Format (36 x 24mm).

Soft contrasts, emotional flares and warm color tones – unique optical performance combined with state-of-the-art mechanics, that’s EVOLUTION 2X.

  •  Unbeatable compact and lightweight anamorphic lenses with 2X squeeze factor
  •  High resolution, color matched (also to the old Kowas)
  •  80mm frontdiameter with 77mm filterthread
  •  Standard PL mount, EF and other mounts possible
  •  Ideal for shooting handheld, steadycam, gimbal or drone

And all this is just the beginning, want to know more?…


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