At MN Studios we now have available for rent the SONY VENICE 2, the new version of Sony‘s Full Frame camera. Created by and for cinematographers, the camera is equipped with one of two Full Frame image sensors, offering exceptional image quality. Thanks to new internal recording capabilities, users can capture even more color and detail in the compact body they are already familiar with.

The VENICE 2 offers a choice of 8K and 6K sensors, both with incredibly wide latitude and color gamut. Filmmakers can enjoy more freedom of expression in gradation than ever before, with 16 or more than 15 steps of latitude, respectively, and exquisite color reproduction.

In addition, the VENICE 2 features simple menu navigation and connectors arranged for easy shooting in the field. Thanks to its compact and durable design, the camera quickly sets up for shooting with or without a tripod, so you can focus on the shoot, not the camera.

Exchangeable image sensors

The VENICE 2 allows you to easily remove and replace the image sensor to switch between the 8.6K sensor and the original 6K sensor as needed. This also means that the 6K sensor can be interchanged between the VENICE 2 and the original VENICE.


The VENICE 2 features dual base ISO, which means that the 8K sensor offers 3200 base ISO in addition to 800 base ISO, while the 6K sensor has 500 base ISO and 2500 base ISO. The high base ISO of 3200 delivers exceptional results in high dynamic range shots in low light conditions, with exposure latitude from 6 steps above to 10 steps below mid-gray at 18%, for a total of 16 steps. The high base ISO of 2500 offers exposure latitude from 6 steps above to 9 steps below mid-gray at 18%, for a total of more than 15 steps.

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