The RIALTO extension system allows the VENICE and VENICE 2 camera body and image sensor block to be separated by a cable up to 5.5 m without degradation in image quality.

In addition, the extension system has an HD-SDI output and a 24 V output for powering accessories such as lens servo motors and monitoring systems. Various screw holes on all surfaces allow the mounting of additional accessories and are suitable for different platforms. The extension system is fully compatible with all existing and future VENICE cameras with firmware v3 or later.

The extension system is fully compatible with VENICE and VENICE 2 cameras with 6K image sensor block.

Enhanced mobility and maneuverability

Up to 5.5 m separation from the camera body and image sensor unit offers exceptional flexibility when shooting with gimbals, without a tripod, with underwater housings and for helicopter filming. It also provides compatibility with custom platforms for, for example, producing 3D and virtual reality content or shooting scenes in confined spaces such as vehicles. The standalone imaging unit weighs only 1.9 kg (3 lb) with the PL mount and 1.4 kg (3 lb) with the E-mount for maximum flexibility during shooting.

Uncompromised image quality

When recording with the CBK-3610XS, image quality does not degrade. Whether you record with the normal 2.7 m spacing or with the extension cable for a maximum distance of 5.5 m, you can be sure that the image quality will be the same as when recording with the standard VENICE configuration

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